PDQ Summary

What is the Concept of PDQ
Product Data Quality is the data quality of 3D product, it focus on the accuracy, integrity, rationality and availability of digitalized model. As the source digitalized model, PDQ serves as the key factor in the later stages of structure design, design change, CAE simulation, CAM processing, PDM management and virtual assembly.
Why Controls PDQ
The development cycle of 3D product model involves exchanging & sharing among many enterprises, departments and platforms. Quality defects existing in the geometric model may cause delays or reworks in each department. Design is the manufacturing criteria. In this sense, the quality of PDQ digitalized model may directly affect the quality of final product.
How controls PDQ
We provide intelligent CADdoctor, ASFALIS and a series of PDQ tools, for the purpose of quickly meeting the customers's data requirements. Meanwhile, we also have a professional technical team responsible for the analysis of your company's digitalized model and development process, formulation of PDQ standard for enterprises, implementation of the enterprise internal & external data control and supplier management.
Application field of PDQ
PDQ solutions provided by Honlitech have been widely applied in automobile, high speed train, aerospace, military industry, shipbuilding, electronics and other industries. Application clients comprise various R & D units in every industry, parts & components suppliers and mold manufacturing enterprises. Honlitech is committed to help customers improve their competitiveness in terms of improving the product quality.


Honli technology (have below the banner:Shanghai Yipin Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hongpin Information Technology (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.) took the lead in the introduction of 3D model quality concept.
Is currently the largest PDQ (Data Quality Product) solutions leader in China.


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Contact Us About Us Successful Case Product Press Center

Address: Unit 1006, No 700, East Yanan Road, Huangpu Disrict, Shanghai

Tel: 021-58303436  Mr.Ye:13601781773


Shanghai ICP 15003417 -1