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Honli technology (Subsidiary: Shanghai Yipin Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hongpin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) took the lead in introducing the concept of Product Data Quality into China and is so far the most professional PDQ supplier. After years of experience, the quality of 3D model and its standard of customization have been widely recognized by the industry. But we are not satisfied with it. Now, we have upgraded our past solutions to PDQ 2.0 to help companies face greater challenges and changes.

Two core values of PDQ 2.0: From virtual to reality and from reality to virtual

1.  Cooperative acceleration and integrated quality management in the whole product development process of sales, development and after-sale.

2.  Realize what you see is what you get and a combination of virtual and reality asset management through scanning technology.

PDQ 2.0 facilitates the implementation of MBE

1. 3D model optimization and MBD exchange

2. PLM Integration Management

3. Lightweight model application and TDP (Engineering Data Packet)

4. Application of document content cooperation management through the whole process

5. Realization and application of asset visualization

6. Changing variances

Honlitech is committed to providing innovative solutions for high-end industrial customers, with the mission of enhancing their international competitiveness and creating new industrial standards. Moreover, the company strives to return its profits to employees and the community, forming a healthy and sustainable development. In the future, we will independently develop and introduce more high technologies and realize the enterprise vision of "Technology brings people happiness" with the cooperation of global partners.


Honlitech adopts the culture and management mode of foreign-funded enterprises. We are people-oriented. We treat employees as partners and regularly provide annual outbound travel opportunities for employees. We provide birthday benefits for every employee. Focusing on the development of elites and long-term partners with a global perspective, we emphasize the quality, potential and execution of our newly-recruited employees. Due to the expansion of the company's business and the long-term development, we have long-term recruitment plan for engineers, salespersons and other positions. We welcome the joining of social talents.

If you wish to join in us, please send your English or Chinese resume to

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